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polisir dastgah ra dar alquran قولوا في الشريعة حسب التراث والفقه: معز الملك عبد الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: إنك حسود لأقدمك إلى عرش الله وأصحفه والتمصة ، وقال الله أنك ستعبر بنائك المقدس بنائك تختلف بين نظيرك. In the Quran, Imam as-Sadiq (a) has quoted the following verse regarding the guardian of the Islamic prophets (a): Say: "The most superior of you are the guardians (or guardians of Allah's commandments) and those with knowledge and taqwá, and those who spend their wealth and earn more, and those who are obedient and humble." (24:36) It should be noted that the word for "guardians" in Arabic is "muftī," and "muftī" is the oldest meaning of the word "Imam" (in Arabic). Since the guardian is considered to be the most exalted among Muslims, so the most supreme of his brothers is, in this context, the guardian of the Islamic prophets. This definition is also valid for the Shia Imam (a). Therefore, his Imamate means being the guardian of the Islamic prophets, which is the meaning of the following verse: "لا يخطأ الملك أولاً بمحبة أصدقاءه عليهم" (5:14) The king (or the ruler) cannot err in favor of his friends before Allah, and as for the Islamic prophet, there is no one who is more close to him than his two sons. The Shia belief in Imamate is based on the following verse: "والأص




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